Board and Staff

Executive Committee

Robert Taylor


UNITED-KINGDOM / Robert is a IP, Entertainment and Media Lawyer. Prior to qualifying as a lawyer he was a professional scriptwriter, writing numerous episodes of ChuckleVision and the sitcom ‘Out of Tune’. He also worked in partnership with Rory Clark on Farcical Films creating comedy shows and projects throughout the 90s. He was formerly Chair of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain during which time he established the Writers' Digital Payments Limited and the Writers' Foundation (UK). He is currently advising Monty & Co an app based puppet TV series for pre-school kids.

Carolin Otto


GERMANY / Carolin has been a script writer and director since 1995. She studied directing and writing at the Munich Filmschool HFF and did a PHD at Weimar Bauhaus University on the Art of Writing Biopics (AMOR MUNDI: Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger). She has worked as a scriptwriter on numerous projects such as Polizeiruf Um Kopf Und Kragen, Tatort The Finger, TV-Shows such as Lena Lorenz, München 7, and the TV-movies Vergessene Küsse, Bier Royal among others. She was writer, director and producer on the feature film Aphrodites Nacht (Aphrodite’s Night) and Der Weisse Rabe (The White Raven). She was member of the board of VDD from 2007-2015, head of the script funding commission of the German Film Board from 2009-2013 and a member of the board of FSE since 2013.

Maciej Karpinski

Board member

POLAND / Maciej Karpinski is a leading screenwriter in Poland and the author of An Imperfect Reflection– a book on screenwriting. He has written screenplays for 17 feature films and worked with such acclaimed directors like Andrzej Wajda (Nastassya, The Ring with the Crowned Eagle), Agnieszka Holland (Solitary Woman) and Volker Schlondorf (Strike). His films have won a number of national and international awards, including Prix Europa for The Miracle of Purim. He is the President of Polish Screenwriters Guild, Board Member of FSE, and a member of the European Film Academy.

Alexandre Manneville

Board member

FRANCE / Alexandre has been working as a screenwriter, first for animated series, before moving to Berlin in 2013 to experience the "writers'​ room"​ and learn about the European coproduction TV market through the "Serial Eyes" program (where he was mentored, among others by former "X-Files" EP Frank Spotnitz). Back to France a year later, he started to take headwriting gigs for animation, while developing dramas for France and the copro market. He’s recently been hired to write on “En Thérapie”, the French adaptation of “In Treatment”.

Nikolaj Scherfig

Board member

DENMARK / Nikolaj is a Danish screenwriter, graduate of the Danish Film School. He has written scripts for documentaries, features and television series, before dedicating most of his time to writing crime series : 'The Bridge'(2011-2018) and Heartless (2014). He is also featured as script consultant on a number of Danish features such as 'The Cartel' (2014) and 'The Idealist' (2015).

Ana Pineda

Board member (co-option)

SPAIN / Ana is the CEO of ALMA, the main guild of screenwriters in Spain, with almost 600 members located in every region of the country.

Vincent Vanneste

Board member (co-option)

BELGIUM / Vincent Vanneste is a screenwriter and a jurist who has worked for the Flemish public broadcaster (De Ridder) and is currently working on a series for the Francophone public broadcaster (Unseen).


David Kavanagh

Executive Officer

FSE policy and lobbying, European Affairs

David worked as CEO of the Writers Guild of Ireland, Film Officer of the Arts Council of Ireland, Chief Executive of the Irish Film Institute and General Secretary of the European Script Fund. He was a Board Member of the Light House Cinema Exhibition and Distribution Company. He is a member of the Irish Film and Television Academy and the European Film Academy.

Amélie Clément

Project Officer

Coordination of projects and events, communication, office management

Amélie worked for many years in Arts management in France and Belgium, focused mostly in the field of Performing Arts on behalf of European cultural networks (ietm, Fonds Roberto Cimetta, IYMF). On the artistic side, she freelances in illustration, comics and graphic design. She collaborates part-time with FSE since 2009.