WCOS-World Conference

The World Conference of Screenwriters (WCOS) : Building International Solidarity by and for Screenwriters and their Guilds

The World Conference of screenwriters is a major meeting of screenwriters and their professional unions from around the world. Its aim is to gather screenwriters, enabling them to meet and exchange views, to reflect on the maturing relationship among screenwriters’ guilds, the growing sense of community among screenwriters and the need for a united approach to the globalisation of the audiovisual industry.

News on WCOS

Watch WCOS 04 Berlin


Watch the videos of the Fourth World Conference of Screenwriters in Berlin in October 2018. Panel discussions, interviews and workshops as if you were there!

A look back at WCOS 04


Highlights of WCOS 04, the Fourth World Conference of Screenwriters held in Berlin in October 2018: speeches, resolutions, videos, photos…

Manus Festet, the Danish Manifesto for Gender Equality


Danske Dramatikere (the Danish Writers Guild) published a manifesto – a satirical and ironic list of 40 points – to tackle gender stereotypes and clichĂ©s in films and TV series.

WCOS 04 Berlin – Press Release


Power & Freedom: the World Conference of Screenwriters 04 Unites International Screenwriters in Berlin on the 10th and 11th of October.

Screenwriters from the world, a tribute to Charlie Hebdo


Screenwriters and their guilds from the world concluded their meeting in Paris with a tribute to Charlie Hebdo.

WCOS 03 – Warsaw, 2014


Screenwriters adopt two resolutions at the 3rd World Conference of Screenwriters in Warsaw in October 2014.

WCOS 02, Barcelona, 2012


The Second World Conference of Screenwriters, organised by FAGA, FSE and IAWG, took place in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2012.

Inaugural World Conference of Screenwriters in Athens, 2009


160 participants coming from 30 countries and representing 40 associations, guilds and unions of screenwriters gathered in Athens in November 2009. A major event to reinforce international solidarity among guilds of screenwriters.

Conference of European Screenwriters 2006


European screenwriters met in Thessaloniki in 2006 and adopted the European Screenwriters Manifesto.

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