Gender Issues

The under representation of women as screenwriters is a concern of FSE.

The final results of a survey on EU Audiovisual authors’ remuneration demonstrates that women screenwriters are paid less on an annual basis than their male counterparts.

The following motion was passed by the World Conference of Screenwriters in Warsaw in 2014.

A related issue of considerable importance is the prospect of bullying and sexual harassment, particularly of women. Disturbingly, considerable evidence that such harassment exists was found in the survey on remuneration. The following motion was passed at the General Assembly of FSE in October 2018.

News on Gender Issues

Final Results of Survey on EU Audiovisual Authors’ Remuneration


FERA, FSE and SAA disclose the final results of the first ever EU-wide study on audiovisual authors’ working life and remuneration. Most of them are struggling to make ends meet and to maintain sustainable careers.

Manus Festet, the Danish Manifesto for Gender Equality


Danske Dramatikere (the Danish Writers Guild) published a manifesto – a satirical and ironic list of 40 points – to tackle gender stereotypes and clichés in films and TV series.

Bullying and harassment in the audiovisual sector : FSE resolution


The Annual General Assembly of the FSE (Berlin, October 2018) carried unanimously a resolution on bullying and harassment in the audiovisual sector.

First Results of European Survey on the Remuneration of Audiovisual Authors


European Film and TV Screenwriters and Directors : Their Earnings and Working Life.
Preliminary results from the first ever, comprehensive, Europe-wide research aimed at mapping out the economic and social situation of European audio-visual authors.