New EU Legislation

Implementation of the new European Union legislation and review of existing

The European Institutions have been concerned about the impact of digital technologies for many years. In the past five years, they have had the creation of a Digital Single Market (DSM) as a priority concern, with the DSM Strategy adopted by the European Commission in May 2015.

Given the importance of distribution of audiovisual product for the online market place, it is not surprising that this involves a number of regulations and directives which will have a significant impact on the ecosystem of audiovisual industry and culture in Europe and beyond.

Ensuring that screenwriters concerns will be properly addressed in the implementation of this considerable body of new legislation on production and distribution of audiovisual content is and will continue to be a priority policy concern of FSE for the next period.

The goals FSE set itself in respect of this new legislation in its three year plan in 2015 have each been addressed in subsequent legislation, especially in the Copyright Directive, which, among many other changes :

  • brings authors contracts into the copyright arena;
  • introduces proportionate remuneration, thereby challenging buyout contracts;
  • promotes collective bargaining as a practical solution to issues of transparency and the application of proportionate remuneration.

It is ambivalent about the prospect for an Unwaivable Right to Remuneration for Online Distribution, but clearly acknowledges the imperative of licensing online uses.

The implementation at national level of Chapter 3 of the Copyright Directive in particular will be a policy focus of FSE and its member guilds.


Review of the CRM Directive

This important Directive intended, among other issues, to introduce transparency into the work of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), who collect and distribute considerable amounts of money on behalf of creators.

The Collective Rights Management directive will be reviewed in the next years. FSE will pay careful attention to this review process.

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News on New EU Legislation

Transparency for ALL businesses online via stronger KYBC rules in the EU


80 organisations, including FSE, sent a letter to the EU Parliament and Council to call for transparency for ALL businesses online via stronger #KYBC (Know Your Business Customer) rules in the EU.

Primary creators of cultural works at the core of Cultural Recovery in the EU


The Authors’ Group shares his views with MEPs on the European Parliament’s report on the situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU : improve the remuneration and working conditions of authors and contribute to the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors and their creators.

Budgetary increase for Creative Europe MEDIA


Organisations from accross the film and audiovisual sector welcome the budgetary increase for Creative Europe MEDIA.

No geoblocking for Film and Audiovisual contents


50 Film & Audiovisual stakeholders, including FSE, welcome EU Commission short-term review of the Geo-blocking Regulation.

110 European cultural networks’ joined letter on Culture and Recovery


Culture must play a fundamental role in Europe’s recovery. CCSs call for Culture to be an integral part of European and national recovery & resilience plans and budgets.

FSE president Carolin Otto addresses EU leaders on freedom of expression


In a letter to EU leaders, FSE president Carolin Otto expresses her deep concern about the erosion of democracy in some countries of Europe, the regular attacks on the rule of law of the European Union and the consequences for artistic freedom and freedom of the media.

Investing in Europe’s next generation by investing in culture.


94 organisations from Europe’s CCS are uniting to alert EU leaders: our sector needs strong & systemic support measures to recover from this crisis.

Joint Film and Audiovisual Sector COVID-19 Statement


The audiovisual sector could play a major role in the healing and recovery process after the COVID-19 worldwide crisis – but only if its basic infrastructure can be saved. 98 organizations & companies call for urgent financial support now and in the months to come.

Authors’ Organisations Joint Statement on COVID-19 Crisis


As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our societies, including the cultural and creative sectors, authors’ organizations stand in solidarity with all those affected by the virus and we support measures taken to contain it.

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