FSE Award

The FSE European Screenwriters Award

The FSE European Screenwriters Award is intended to honour a European screenwriter whose work demonstrates an exceptional talent, bringing respect and honour to the profession of screenwriter and appealing to a wide audience across European borders.

We decided to initiate the European Screenwriters Award in 2015 in order to try to increase awareness of the importance and centrality of writers and stories to European culture. There are lots of awards for writers, but relatively few at a European level. And there are so many great European films and television programmes because there are so many great screenwriters.

Good screenwriting is an exceptional gift. Experience and craft are essential. But talent, even genius is necessary to take good storytelling to that exceptional place of tears, or laughter, or terror where an audience is carried along through recognition of a story they think they know to a revelation, a new understanding, that they did not expect.

At our award ceremony we honour one exceptional writer, a great storyteller who consistently captures the imagination of audiences and elicits the admiration of their peers, a writer whose work has had a significant cultural impact and been extensively distributed in Europe and

News on FSE Award

FSE Award 2017 – Watch the Video


At the ceremony of the 2nd FSE Award, European screenwriters speak in front of the camera to call for better contracts.

Danish Writer Adam Price wins inaugural FSE European Screenwriters Award (2015)


Danish Writer Adam Price (author of TV series “Borgen”) wins inaugural FSE European Screenwriters Award. Brussels 21 Septembre 2015.