Fair Remuneration for Screenwriters & Directors

Remuneration of Audiovisual Authors Online : What’s Missing?

FERA, FSE and SAA have joined forces to campaign for the European legislation on copyright work in the Digital Single Market to also work for screenwriters and directors and enable them to be fairly paid wherever their works are watched online in Europe. The proposed legislation fails to tackle the challenges of audiovisual authors : they need fair and proportionate remuneration.

  • remuneration right,
  • unwaivable and inalienable,
  • paid by the end distributor
  • and collectively negotiated and enforced.

They have launched an online petition to support European screenwriters and directors in their call for a modernised EU copyright framework that includes all creators. It has been signed by more than 20,000 people.

FSE, together with FERA, endorsed SAA’s flyer What’s missing in the Directive proposal for the remuneration of audiovisual authors online ? This flyer was published on the occasion of a breakfast briefing organised by SAA at the European Parliament on 2nd March 2017, hosted by Jean-Marie Cavada MEP, Vice-Chair of the Legal Affairs’ committee. David Kavanagh (FSE Executive officer) and Marie Roussin (French TV screenwriter, FSE board member) spoke at the event. The programme of discussions included audiovisual authors’ testimonies on their different situation depending on their country and why they need EU intervention ; the presentation of the joint SAA, FERA and FSE proposal of an unwaivable remuneration right for the online exploitation of audiovisual works and an interactive discussion on the different elements of the proposal and why it has to be introduced in the Copyright Directive, with the active participation of MEPs, assistants, advisors, authors and CMOs present.