RISE Festival 2004

RISE Festival  2004

The event took place in Strasbourg, on 18-21 November 2004. It gathered scriptwriters and independent producers coming from all over Europe. Until the RISE festival, there was no European-wide scriptwriters and scriptwriting festival. 

The festival proposed film projections, discussions, a Script Market and a Script Workshop. A jury composed of European scriptwriters awarded the Grand European Script Prize (10 films, chosen by the guilds of the different countries, were in competition). There was a homage to Tonino GUERRA through the projection of 5 films; a  Carte Blanche for Hollande with 3 films chosen by the Dutch Guild; a Polish selection of 7 films; a selection of animated films for children (one written by Tonino Guerra); 5 films presented by Eurimages, the public reading of 2 scenarios and last but not least a round-table organised by MEDIA on the European  funding programmes. The Script Market was reserved only to professional who had previously registered (projects were selected by skilled readers), organised in collaboration with the Club des Producteurs européens (CPE) / European Producers Club. It was the first occasion in Europe facilitating direct contact between scriptwriters, directors and producers. The masterclasses were proposed by 3 screenwriters from different European countries.      

As part of the RISE festival, 5 debates relevant to the needs of scriptwriters and scriptwriting were organised to take place at various venues in Strasbourg, such as “Intellectual Property within the context of European co-productions”, “Practical realities for scriptwriters in Europe”, “European script creation, existence of European imagination?”, “Where further training for  Scriptwriting in Europe?”

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