Once upon a time, the creation of FSE

How FSE was born

The very first general assembly of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (initially called “the Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe”) was held in Athens in June 2001.

The idea of creating a European network of scriptwriters’ guilds was discussed at a first European meeting in Amsterdam in June 1999, upon the invitation of Bianca Rootsaert, former director of Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers, while initial contacts were made with the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG). The founders of FSE established the first version of the statutes of the association and set up the organisational structure, which the founding charter reflects.

The new born organisation held its first general assembly in Athens in June 2001. Katerina Marinaki was the first elected president, followed by Elizabeth Verry (2003-2006), Christina Kallas (2006-2013), Sveinbjörn Baldvinsson (2013-2015), Robert Taylor (since 2015).

Be all the founders of FSE thanked for their commitment !