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AV sector welcomes EU Parliament report on AVMS


Joint press release: The European audiovisual sector welcomes the European Parliament’s report on the AVMS Directive

Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act: a joint statement from authors’ and performers’ organisations


True culture needs originals! Authors’ and performers’ organisations call for Transparency and Consent, key rules to the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence – AI Act

FERA FSE SAA press release: Authors deserve more!


In partnership with the LUX Audience Award, FERA, FSE and SAA celebrated audiovisual authors. But 1-year past the implementation deadline of the EU Copyright Directives, they say: Authors deserve more!

The Realities of Today’s Film Sector in Europe


Brussels-based associations representing the creative and film business sectors in Europe – including FSE and screenwriters – met in Cannes to discuss the realities of today’s film sector in Europe.

Webinar for Screenwriters and Directors’ Organisations on Copyright Directive Transposition


News on the 2019 Copyright Directive transposition process and available formats to collective mechanisms allowing for an effective implementation of its provisions related to authors’ and performers’ fair remuneration in exploitation contracts.

Freelance audiovisual authors: a workshop on Competition law and collective agreements


FERA-FSE-UNI MEI Hold Third Online Workshop “Competition law and collective agreements on freelance audiovisual authors’ working conditions”

DSA – Plenary holds cards to building a safer internet


With the upcoming plenary vote, the European Parliament can still turn the DSA into an opportunity for the EU to play a global role in making the internet a safer space for everyone.

More collective bargaining for freelance authors !


ECSA, FERA and FSE, representing freelance authors in Europe, welcome EU draft guidelines on application of EU Competition law to collective agreements regarding working conditions of solo self-employed persons.

FERA-FSE-UNI MEI Hold Second Online Workshop “Building a Collective Bargaining Campaign”


FERA, FSE and UNI MEI held the second online workshop “Building a Collective Bargaining Campaign” of the joint project “Strengthening Collective Bargaining for Audiovisual Creators” (CBW) on September 21, 2021.

Seeking Database Project Researcher


UNI MEI (UNI Europa) and its project partners FERA and FSE are seeking a database project researcher to expand an existing database with modules on the Copyright Directive and collective agreements for screen directors and screenwriters in Europe.

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