The Voice of Screenwriters in Europe

The Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) brings together 32 screenwriters’ organisations from 26 European countries. It represents 10,000 professional screenwriters.

What's new ?

Artificial Intelligence: Global Screenwriters Call for Ethical Use


IAWG and FSE press release and joint statement outlining their common position on an ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence.

Joint letter in response to the dialogue with the Audiovisual Sector on Copyright & AI


7 organisations including FSE send joint letter to Mr. Abbamonte, Director of DG CNECT of the European Commission, in response to the dialogue with the Audiovisual Sector on Copyright & AI.

For an innovation and creator friendly AI Act


Together with 12 authors’, performers’ and creative workers’ organisations, urge the EU to agree on a balanced #AIAct that not only fosters the development of AI, but also guarantees a #HumanCentric approach to creation that protects fundamental rights. Transparency is key for innovation and creation to continue to grow for the benefit of all.

Solidarity with screenwriters in Israel


FSE statement in support of the screenwriters guild of Israel.

Collective Bargaining for Screenwriters and Directors. Results of a joint FERA-FSE-UNI MEI programme


FERA, FSE and UNI MEI set up a programme to build capacity among audiovisual authors’ guilds and professional organizations in Europe to bargain collectively in the context of the implementation of Title IV, Chapter III of the 2019 Copyright Directive.

Credit Provisions for Writing Audiovisual Series


FSE recommendations on screenwriters credits : “Created by”, “Lead Writer or Head Writer” and “Written by”

European Audiovisual and Cultural Organisations Welcome the EU Parliament Adoption of its Position on the European Media Freedom Act


In a joint press release with various other European audiovisual and cultural organisations, we welcome the adoption by the European Parliament of its position on the European Media Freedom Act and much needed clarifications on its Article 20.

Joint Statement on Artificial Intelligence and the Draft EU AI Act


Joint statement of 13 International and European Authors’ and Performers’ federations calling for a human centric approach to generative AI, built upon informed consent, transparency, fair remuneration and contractual practices.

Screenwriters everywhere in support of WGA strike!


14 June 2023 – #ScreenwritersEverywhere – An international day of solidarity with the American screenwriters on strike. Members of WGA West and East, FSE, IAWG and UNI-MEI organised pickets and other actions in more than 30 countries to support the WGA strike.

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