Collective Bargaining Workshops

On 25th and 26th May 2018 more than 40 screenwriters and directors gathered in Brussels for the first of a series of three workshops on collective bargaining for authors organisations. FSE, FERA and Uni-Mei are working together in this project funded by DG Employment.

The overall objective is

  • to provide and exchange on information and best practice regarding contractual practices;
  • to provide peer-to-peer training for building the capacity of trade unions and guilds with respect to collective bargaining and standard contracts for creators and;
  • to initiate a structured dialogue with European employers’ associations in the audiovisual sector aiming at promoting social dialogue, collective bargaining and fair remuneration of creators.

We propose to develop

  • a Wiki which will provide a comparative analysis of writers and directors contracts across Europe;
  • a publication on guidelines for contract negotiations,
  • and a set of meetings with producers’ and broadcasters’ organisations at EU level on issues of collective bargaining.

The first workshop included a presentation of the first results of the European Film and TV Screenwriters and Directors : Their Earnings and Working Life.