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Collective Bargaining Workshops


More than 40 screenwriters and directors gathered in Brussels in May 2018 for the first of a series of three workshops on collective bargaining for authors organisations. A FERA/FSE/UNI MEI project.

It’s time to act! Sign the petition


Sign the Petition launched in March 2018 by FERA, FSE and SAA to support European screenwriters and directors in their call for a modernised EU copyright framework that includes all creators.

First Results of European Survey on the Remuneration of Audiovisual Authors


European Film and TV Screenwriters and Directors : Their Earnings and Working Life.
Preliminary results from the first ever, comprehensive, Europe-wide research aimed at mapping out the economic and social situation of European audio-visual authors.

Fair Remuneration for Screenwriters & Directors


FERA, FSE and SAA have joined forces to campaign for the European legislation on copyright work in the Digital Single Market to also work for screenwriters and directors and enable them to be fairly paid wherever their works are watched online in Europe.

FSE Award 2017 – Watch the Video


At the ceremony of the 2nd FSE Award, European screenwriters speak in front of the camera to call for better contracts.

French Screenwriter Anne Landois Winner of FSE Award 2017


Anne Landois, showrunner and writer of the award-winning TV drama series “Engrenages” (“Spiral”), received the 2nd FSE European Screenwriters Award at a ceremony organised on 23rd November 2017.

Screenwriters from the world, a tribute to Charlie Hebdo


Screenwriters and their guilds from the world concluded their meeting in Paris with a tribute to Charlie Hebdo.

Creators Conference 2016


The Authors Group approved the “Declaration Towards a Modern, more European Copyright Framework and the Necessity of Fair Contracts for Creators” at the Creators Conference in Brussels on 31 May 2016.

Danish Writer Adam Price wins inaugural FSE European Screenwriters Award (2015)


Danish Writer Adam Price (author of TV series “Borgen”) wins inaugural FSE European Screenwriters Award. Brussels 21 Septembre 2015.

WCOS 03 – Warsaw, 2014


Screenwriters adopt two resolutions at the 3rd World Conference of Screenwriters in Warsaw in October 2014.

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